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Vince Vaughn
Vince Vaughn Published in October 23, 2018, 5:13 am
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roboticleg Reply to on 30 July 2015
Was expecting this movie to be a flop, I do like Vince Vaughan but this story line just seemed like some far fetched thing not overly interesting.

The movie turned out to be much better as my 5 star rating says, it has more story line than I was expecting and the comedy was brought up to the right levels. With a bit of personal thought into how the story you wanted to progress, it also makes you think about fertility clinics and the rights of the donors to remain anonymous and the children born from it, their right to know their history.
Matthew H
Matthew H Reply to on 12 October 2017
Personally i enjoyed this film, Vaughn fans will find enough laughs to justify the two hours, but the tonal issues will make it a hard sell for anyone else.

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Yorda Smile
Yorda Smile Reply to on 5 September 2015
Great if you're a Vaughn fan, but other than that its too heavy to be a real comedy and its too comic in places to be a real drama. There were some quite funny situations - lawyer talking to reporters; there were some rather absurd situations - all of the children camping out together and there were some dramatic moments - dinner time at the Wozniak family. However, because the movie was not sure what genre it really wanted to be it ended up being nothing in particular. Good effort.
Suchet Reply to on 25 December 2015
I loved the idea of this movie and it could've gone so wrong if they had taken the shallow route of making it for all-out-laughs, instead we have a great story about a man who struggles to come to terms with things in his mid-life but then is forced to take on the responsibility of a new baby and a lawsuit from over 500 children he knew nothing about. It's a very original movie and filmed beautifully with some wonderful drama and comedy.
Annie Reply to on 6 December 2015
This is one of the best films I have ever seen and that is why, even though I seldom write product reviews, I had to write one about this film. It is a lovely story, has some brilliant comedy and the acting is superb. Loved every minute of it.
Higgy Bozon
Higgy Bozon Reply to on 6 May 2015
For something that might be a very real possibility..This film had me in tears! Extremely well made..sensitive. .funny..gutsy and told an uplifting story..great watch on a particularly cold, wet and windy day in may!
Drew Reply to on 18 February 2015
Well I am a sucker for RomComs. The scenario is based on a darker reality but is nonetheless a possibility and makes one think of the complex interplay of genetics and relationships, nature and nurture, all that good stuff. Thought provoking and yet romantically light hearted. It is perhaps a little over sentimental even for my taste but then it is American.
LINGO Reply to on 15 June 2015
This movie became very heart warming towards the end, and while it's always the case that you measure Vince Vaughan comedies against the likes of Dodgeball, the fact that there was a lot of sentimentality and genuine truth to Vaughan's character gave this movie an appealing edge. Worth a watch. Definitely falls into the category which includes movies like Knocked Up
shaun masters
shaun masters Reply to on 3 April 2015
I thought this movie was fantastic. Great watch. Credit to the director who has the ability to direct a movie from extreme elements of comady through to heart felt moments in the same film. Very strange concept of course but it's played Betty well. Vince did a great job. Recommended watch.
Lexi Reply to on 9 January 2017
Good film, great story, well acted, well written.... but its not really what id call a comedy. Still well worth watching.
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