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The Jelly Bean Factory Carrying Jar 1400 g:Videolink

The Jelly Bean Factory
The Jelly Bean Factory Published in October 23, 2018, 5:13 am
 The Jelly Bean Factory Carrying Jar 1400 g:Videolink

The Jelly Bean Factory Carrying Jar 1400 g:Videolink

Price:£16.82+ Free shipping with Peliculas-gratis Prime

Dr Joe
Dr Joe Reply to on 8 March 2018
- Large container of Jelly Beans great for presents
- Nice container to reuse after (if recycling is your thing(.

- Type 2 Diabetes
- There is one of the green beans that tastes like left over vegetable waste coated in horses earwax. There's also a lot of different beans in familiar shades of green so its difficult to pick them out.
- There's a speckled red bean that is 100% cinnamon and not only burns your nasal hairs but may also erode your nasal septum (this is a poor attempt at satire and not to be taken literally)

Rating 4 stars and a raised blood glucose!
Pianoman Reply to on 13 January 2017
My wife would most likely file for divorce if jelly beans are not under the Christmas tree so imagine my joy at finding such a mega jar. Yes, these are a fantastic product but my jar seemed to have rather too many of a bland flavor in it to be acceptable to an expert such as my wife. I have avoided divorce only just. The bucket style container is fantastic and keeps the product fresh.
S P Mead
S P Mead Reply to on 1 June 2016
These are lovely, fruity, chewy and sweet! I really enjoy jelly beans, and these - from the Jelly Bean Factory - are my favourite brand. They're succulent and tasty ... but, unfortunately, full of sugar! So I only treat myself to a jar like this every so often.

I've found that buying jelly beans in small packets is rather expensive. Proportionately, you get more for you money by purchasing a larger jar like this one.

There are 36 flavours, and the possible combinations are virtually limitless. If you like jelly beans and you haven't yet tried these, then I recommend them. They're delicious.
Tony Plant
Tony Plant Reply to on 27 July 2016
Fruit Cocktail Jelly Beans are delectable if you're a fan of jelly beans that are not tooth-achingly sweet and have the bright, distinct, but never overwhelming flavour of the advertised fruit or spice combinations. The flavour genuinely runs through the entire product.

These Jelly Beans are a pleasant chew as they are but they're a good addition when sliced up and added to fruit salad or a meringue/pavlova as a boost to the flavour of otherwise lacklustre fresh fruit. Likewise, these are a helpful decoration for baked goods such as fairy cakes or Swiss Rolls or where sugar strands or crystals don't seem appropriate.

These Jelly Beans are a good item for children's parties or barbecues because they are 'Free From' a substantial number of allergens and GMO ingredients for parents who cross-examine you about such concerns as well as being appropriate for vegetarians plus kosher and halal compliant.

I'd purchase these Jelly Beans again and I'd recommend them to other people.
toby Reply to on 31 July 2018
The jelly beans themselves were perfect. The container and packaging on the otherhand were shocking.
My first delivery came completely shattered with zero damage to the outer box. The second came after a re order and complaint, again in an undamaged box with a huge crack to the jar and a broken hinge. This was a present to my girlfriend with the intent of re using the jars after. Thouroughly dissapointed with the whole experience. Those once nice jelly beans from the second purchase lasted all of about a month before being tainted by the broken jar and becomeing one solid mass of stale product.
Useless over all
Alan Shenton
Alan Shenton Reply to on 2 February 2017
These little drops of flavour explosions are fantastic!

If you've never tried these jelly beans, you've not lived! There are so many different flavours, all of which taste like they are supposed to! They are vegetarian society approved, which is great for hippies like me! The flavours are all listed on the back of the tub along with a picture of the corresponding bean, although you'll need good eyesight to read the text!

The tub itself is made of sturdy plastic, which doesn't buckle under firm pressure, so your beans should be safe in the post. The lid unscrews easily, and even has a handle to make carrying the tub around.

In our house, the beans lasted less than a week!
Hashbrown Reply to on 8 November 2015
This jar has brought out the inner child within. The same child who would get lost in the sweets aisle when his mother would take him out shopping, and feel like he's in a world analogous to Narnia with sweets instead of snow.

I do not think I have ever bought sweets more fulfilling than these jelly beans. The aroma of 36 different flavors, each strong and accurate, when I first opened the jar was a pleasant surprise. Munchies to nibble on while watching a movie, during revision breaks and during social gatherings - these jelly beans are basically a must have for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Perhaps the greatest return I received from buying this jar were the priceless smiles I get from my loved ones when I surprise them with this bundle of joy. A fun game which me and my siblings came up with one evening was to each pick and eat the same color jelly bean, and guessing what the flavor of the jelly bean is. A simple game but it's sometimes the simple things which bring out the best moments between friends and family. Very happy with my purchase, would truly recommend.
H. Gale
H. Gale Reply to on 23 December 2017

Just got these and just as I remembered
You can cocktail beans but I prefer one at a time as all flavours unfurl

A really good price via Prime AND £3 pantry discount AND the driver was cheerful AND this will be the wee-est dog dry food container once finished

You just gotta get!¡

How about a girlie night in
or birthday pressy for yourself or others or Christmas like me.

It’s so worth it

Just buy it you № you wanna!¡
'◔ˬ◔ˋ ツ
A. Taylor
A. Taylor Reply to on 28 January 2018
These were a big hit as a Christmas present for my son, although he didn't like the cinnamon or liquorice flavoured beans and tried to palm them off on to everyone else! When the jar was finally passed around, we all agreed there was an excellent range of flavours and that they were very tasty.

The beans made by The Jelly Bean Factory do seem to provide a good balance of quality and price, and I would certainly buy this variety again, although possibly not in such a large container.
AK Reply to on 29 November 2017
Flavours are not bad, though, the same branded ones I get in the Supermarkets seem to be a lot softer to bite into. These seem much harder and trust me, I have to work the teeth through these as do the kids, they aren't going down well.

Shame it isn't Trick or Treat, as these would be given out in abundance.

Still, what I do like is the container which I will see these out and make full use of the carry case handle for this 1.4kg tub.
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