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Customer reviews Natural Born Killers:Videolink

Woody Harrelson
Woody Harrelson Published in October 23, 2018, 5:13 am
Customer reviews Natural Born Killers:Videolink

Customer reviews Natural Born Killers:Videolink


Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 19 February 2013
Stylish and provocative, Natural Born Killers has been accused of encouraging copycat crimes, though anyone dumb enough to emulate this film was already on the edge, in my opinion. Roaming serial killers Mickey (Woody Harrelson) and Mallory (Juliette Lewis) aren't idealised; director/co-writer Oliver Stone paints them as standard psychos, full of arrogance and self-righteousness, spouting crap pseudo-philosophy like Charles Manson. When Mickey says "that's poetry" to Mallory's inane cliched statements I was amused, not left in awe of them, and amusement's the reaction Stone wants, I think.
Natural Born Killers is at heart a (very) dark comedy; the only reason Mickey and Mallory might seem sympathetic to some is because the other major characers are just as vile, if not even more hypocritical. Celebrity cop Jack Scagnetti's (Tom Sizemore) an evil psychopath who's no different to his prey, prison warden Dwight McClusky's (Tommy Lee Jones) a soulless fascist and TV journalist Wayne Gayle's (Robert Downey Jr.) a two-faced worm. The only likeable people are a couple of Native Americans and an ageing cop whose partner Mickey and Mallory kill.
In a segment designed like a sitcom, where shocking dialogue's scored with a hollow laugh track, Mickey and Mallory murder Mallory's abusive dad (Rodney Dangerfield) and ignorant mum (Edie McClurg). They then, after a blood bond ritual, go on a killing spree which ends when they're captured by Scagnetti. Their adventures are intercut with TV footage of journalists and citizens discussing them; they become cultural icons, treated like media personalities by a world as diseased as they are.
Dozens of styles, from black-and-white to single colour, fanatastical landscapes and even vaguely sci-fi images, like walls which double as TV screens, tell the story in a dizzyingly schizophrenic manner. This can sometimes obscure the plot, but overall it's visually sumptous and fascinating.
The film struggled with censorship, which is strange because even its director's cut isn't any more and in some cases less violent than others of its time. The Silence of the Lambs won four Oscars, and that could be seen as having slightly stronger content (skinning, semen-tossing). Maybe the problem was that Mickey and Mallory are easier to imitate than Buffalo Bill or Hannibal Lecter. Novelist John Grisham weighed in on the film's alleged amorality when a friend of his was killed by two teenagers who'd watched it. Though I can empathise with Grisham's loss, someone who's first novel, A Time to Kill, implicitly endorsed vigilantism, while providing a thriller which depicts child rape, should watch what he says. Ultimately, to claim that Natural Born Killers incites murder is childish and naive. Stone's characters are selfish, narcissistic and desensitised. They're human cockroaches, and if you want to be like them you're a cockroach too.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 4 May 2018
Fantastic film, the 2 main actors (Harrelson and Lewis) play great parts. My only gripe is the film information. It's a shame amazon seems to think the starring characters are the male lead and the two supporting males actors (Starring: Woody Harrelson, Balthazar Getty, Tommy Lee Jones). Great job. My indignation would be more eloquent had I not been drinking tonight, as it happens I'm fuelled on the self righteousness of the absolutely badgered.
Luke S.
Luke S. Reply to on 7 August 2018
Forgot how great this film is. Surprisingly the best characters are not the two main ones (although these two are both excellent). Tommy Lee Jones steals it for me as the somewhat highly strung prison warden. If you have never seen this film you are definitely missing out. A MUST SEE MOVIE!!!
woodhavebeen Reply to on 14 May 2015
First saw this movie when I was at University in the late 90's, loved it from the opening scene to the end, kick ass soundtrack compiled by Trent Reznor, powerhouse performances from all.... Woody Harleson, Juliette Lewis, Robert Downey Jnr, Tommy Lee Jones, Tom Sizemore. Personal favourite sequence is the prison riot at the end which kicks off when Mickey is telling a joke to a bunch of prison guards, lulling them into a false of security before un-arming one of them, stealing a shotgun and just letting rip.. all to the soundtrack of Rage against the machine. Classic!!
Marcy Reply to on 5 September 2017
I only brought the film because I thought I should have it in my dvd collection my friend's said it was a classic to my surprise enjoyed it immensely, good film
Dream Customer
Dream Customer Reply to on 8 February 2013
This is a very powerful movie and not for the faint of heart. It follows the story of two young people who's love is so strong that nothing in the world could possibly break it. However, due to there up bringing's and back ground history, they are killers and they really don't see anything wrong with that. Bitter sweet and very violent, this movie shows just how strong love can be and that even the most violent of people can still find love, even if it is a bit twisted. A movie for adults only as it is disturbing in places.
Olivia Tay
Olivia Tay Reply to on 11 May 2013
This blew my mind away. I expected a more straightforward serial killer film. But Oliver Stone just threw all convention out of the window. From crazy dreamscapes to flashing colours and demonic imagery - it's the whole shebang. It takes us into the minds of Mickey and Mallory; how they perceive things, how others perceive them.

These stylistic decisions elevated Natural Born Killers to a whole different level. Without it, the film would have been interesting, yes, but nothing exceptional. But Stone moulds it into something so sinister that you are riveted by it.

It's helped along by Harrelson's magnificent performance. He's charming, aggressive and insane, and you can see why all those fangirls idolize Mickey. It's hard not to with such a forceful performance by Woody. He deliver's Stone's script to perfection. Every word he says, you believe him. And Juliette Lewis? Perfect mix of minx and badassery.

The supporting performances by Downey Jr and Tommy Lee Jones are no less captivating. They are both exaggerated caricatures of the media and the corrupt police respectively, and they play their roles with such pathos. I loved RDJ's almost crazed Wayne Gale - such a joy to watch the depth of his character. Thinking about it, the characterization in the film is excellent. Such complexity even in such a short frame of time.

It's a crazy, mindblowing, warped roller-coaster ride to the finish. I adore this movie.
natski Reply to on 18 June 2017
Awesome film. Cult classic. Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis are absolutely perfect together!
John David Kenneth cameron
John David Kenneth cameron Reply to on 23 May 2017
Classic drug fuelled journey into murder and the infamy that comes from it in America
N. M. Fletcher
N. M. Fletcher Reply to on 24 January 2017
Yet another Marmite film, luckily, as I've written before, I absolutely love the stuff. Woody playing Woody which isn't all bad, although he is.
So so transfer on the US import director's cut.
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