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Blooming (Blooming Series Book 1):Videolink

Ruby Loren
Ruby Loren Published in October 23, 2018, 5:17 am
 Blooming (Blooming Series Book 1):Videolink

Blooming (Blooming Series Book 1):Videolink


c woodhall
c woodhall Reply to on 21 May 2017
I was given a free book and voluntarily reviewed it.
Lydia gets a volunteer job by her boyfriend at Heather lying park and gardens. She is determined to show she can make a go of it even though the head gardener gives her the worst jobs going. On top of all this someone has has a vendetta against the place. It's a great story I love Ruby, s books.
Miss Clarke
Miss Clarke Reply to on 30 January 2018
I enjoyed it to a point but no way should it be listed as a mystery. It's a romance in a horticultural setting.
Texas Reply to on 23 October 2017
Blooming #1 - A quick, fun read with bits of suspense. Armed with self-doubt in the beginning, the main character uses integrity, determination and hard work to succeed and becomes an outstanding young woman while changing the life of the people around her. This book is filled with humor and suspense. The author did a good job with this book; still needs editing. But this recent work is vastly superior over her earlier writings. Like the main character, she persevered, too.

Penguins and Mortal Peril #1 - A good thriller. A well written, intriguing suspense with a well thought out, twisting plot and believable characters. There's interesting information about the zoo and its animals. Madi is an intelligent, caring person, especially with the animals, and takes loving care of the zoo. There's also humor; beware of furry pyschos. The animals are a good part of the story and some even have their own personalities. I finished the book in one sitting, immersed in the mystery. If you liked Blooming, you'll like this book, too.

The Silence of the Snakes #2 - Spellbinding! Ruby just gets better with each book she writes. A well written, intriguing suspense with believable characters and a plot that doesn't let the reader put down the book until the last page. This is a substantial story, not a weak cozy, that would make Christie proud to write. Don't let this series pass you by, they're must reads.

Murder is a Monkey's Game #3 - Another well written, intriguing suspense this time set in France. There's an interesting plot that holds the reader's attention, although a bit slower when compared to the previous two books. The characters are still interesting and the relationships between the characters are realistic and entertaining. While not necessary since each book is a standalone, I would recommend reading the books in order. Madi's story is continuously evolving and her growth as a character, too. I contacted the author to review her work many books ago.

The Swallow's Storm #1- Intriguing. A well written suspense with interesting characters, most of them, and an intriguing plot that holds the reader's interest. This is the second story I've read in this series; the first was #4 The Waxwing Winter. The series has grown in substance and development. A quick, but substantial book, perfect for lunch or relaxation.

The Starling's Summer #2 - Intriguing. This book picks up where The Swallow's Storm ended. This series gets better with each book. I read #4 first, then #1 and #2, and the growth of the author is apparent with these three books; plus I've read several of her earlier books and she has improved with experience. Her Zoo and her Blooming series are also substantial reading.

The Waxwing Winter #4 - Multiple intertwining stories in one novel. (No, not short stories) Another well written, interesting story with several story lines happening, along with a murder. Add interesting characters and plot that keep the reader involved as the story unfolds. This is the first book I've read of this series, so the mini-stories are just continuations of the previous books? I've read many books by this author and she has improved greatly with experience. Her stories, starting with the Blooming Series, have become more substantial. Her books have always been entertaining, but now it's better.
Living Life With Joy
Living Life With Joy Reply to on 30 July 2017
This is the second book I’ve read by Ruby Loren and I’m really enjoying the author’s writing style. This novel has a women’s fiction feel with a small bit of a mystery vibe with a dash of a chick lit vibe. I like the setting of the garden grounds and a main character that pushes herself to overcome gender stereotypes that some jobs are for men vs. women. She’s physically strong and mentally strong-willed and she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty to get work done.

During a time of trouble she’s able to step up to the plate and gain control. This is a great story about believing in yourself and pushing boundaries to achieve your dreams. There’s also an underlying theme that you shouldn’t waste your time in a relationship with someone that doesn’t support you and doesn’t believe in you.

There are 6 books in the series and I can’t wait to check out where Lydia goes next!
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