Videolink Promithi Black Folding Pocket Knife UK Legal 2.5-Inch Blade:Videolink
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Promithi Black Folding Pocket Knife UK Legal 2.5-Inch Blade:Videolink

Promithi Published in October 23, 2018, 6:00 am
 Promithi Black Folding Pocket Knife UK Legal 2.5-Inch Blade:Videolink

Promithi Black Folding Pocket Knife UK Legal 2.5-Inch Blade:Videolink

Price:£9.99+ Free shipping

Mr. Jonathan J. Boyd
Mr. Jonathan J. Boyd Reply to on 9 November 2017
The knife itself was cheap and that's were the positives end, it took ages to arrive here to the UK, when I contacted the seller they told be it was being sent Dutch post yet has come from Hong Kong so it's a cheap Chinese blade. They describe it as steel material it's more like potmetal hence the reason it's ionized black I suspect and it's greatly smaller than they have made it out to be. The whole reason you get a karambit is a functional hard wearing knife that fits comfortably in your hand with your index finger through the hold at the end of the handle for stability this knife barely fits across my hand and my finger is almost twice the size of the hole my 12 year old daughters hand is also too big to hold the knife correctly. It will make a cute pocket knife for opening boxes or packages but as for anything else it would be useless
Andrew Hutton
Andrew Hutton Reply to on 2 June 2017
Absolutely great wee knife bought for use on the building site for cutting open pallets etc Very impressed by the way it looks and the quality of the blade great purchase 5 stars!!
Goose Berry
Goose Berry Reply to on 11 July 2018
I bought a pair of these, and had one converted to left hand wearing (moving belt clip to other side) by a friend.

I've had mine quite some time now, still working fine and still sharp, though I do have a sharpener handy I haven't used it yet.

These were excellent for the price, they weren't late (even though I myself give China & Hong Kong post an extra week) in arriving.

All in all a great knife, and I intend to buy a further two as a gift set (once one is modified) for a friend, who I know will be happy to have them (twice they tried pinching mine lol).
Callum Reply to on 6 July 2017
A little bit of paint is already scratched and it's just come out of the box, but it's surprisingly good quality for the price, sharp and sturdy too, the paint scratching very easily is literally my only complaint other than it's great.
G. Mackie
G. Mackie Reply to on 3 March 2018
Item comes listed under Karambit, however item cannot be used as such due to the "finger hole" at the pommel end of the handle is too small for even my 12 year old daughter to use. You can buy S&W Karambit from Germany for slightly more and receive a superior product. Will be returning ASAP.
Nic23 Reply to on 11 September 2017
Ive used Promithi knives for a good while now. I have to say that Im not convinced this is genuine just little details dont seem up to the same standard as the usual knives ive had from them. However for the price i would really recommend this product, hence the 4 stars. Great for all manner of tasks and keeps its edge nicely. It has been in use for a good few weeks now and is still very sharp.
Tank Marley
Tank Marley Reply to on 15 May 2018
Poorly made and took literally months to arrive. Didn't arrive sharp. Poor design allows fingers etc to be cut on biggest hole when knife is closed.
safe Reply to on 29 April 2018
Nice sort of knife and UK street legal. The knife is actually very small and the hole in the tang of not much use really for use in anything practical and is why I only give 3 stars overall. Of course the blade shape gives tremendous cutting power if the blade is kept sharp.
Jon nonymous
Jon nonymous Reply to on 8 February 2018
Took a little while to turn up, but did turn up within estimated time, so no real complaint there. Knife is a full metal construction which gives it a nice weight to it, out of the box it was relatively sharp; sharp enough to get the job done but not quite shaving sharp. Zero blade play fresh out the box. Overall quite nice.
Only complaints are very minor, as seen in pictures straight put of the box, there are some minor nicks and scratches on the handle, barely noticeable, and the black coating is worn off slightly near the point. Again this was straight out of the box, unused.
hussain Reply to on 21 July 2017
Awesome. Love it. Bigger size would have been better but overall I am very pleased.
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