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The Blood Mirror Book Four of the Lightbringer series:Videolink

Brent Weeks
Brent Weeks Published in October 23, 2018, 5:24 am
 The Blood Mirror Book Four of the Lightbringer series:Videolink

The Blood Mirror Book Four of the Lightbringer series:Videolink

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Stevehobfg Reply to on 8 January 2018
I have 5 star loved every Brent Weeks book until this. Like his other books this is well described and it brings the story alive in your mind. I was so happy to find it, but .......
The other reviewers are right, this book doesn't move the story along hardly at all, just pads out some of the main characters. If the story had moved on a stage that would have been great, but as it is, it just feels like a filler to keep the story out there and the money coming in.
A feeling re-inforced by the fact that despite being shown as over 700 pages which is longer than the first 2 books, in fact the last 80 or so pages are glossaries and addendums and authors notes.
Hope Brent finds his way back to matching the first 3 magnificent books as this was very disappointing. :-(
Katucke500 Reply to on 3 December 2016
I have been waiting for this book, for some time. It was a real disappointment . It is poorly edited, with confusing and unexplained time jumps. It feels like a big rush to get to the end. Such a shame, as I really enjoyed the other books in the series.
Dave Horne
Dave Horne Reply to on 27 November 2016
It looks like the book lacked a strong editor. This should have been kicked back to Brent and with a note to cut 50% of the book as nothing would be lost. How he managed to have this published is beyond me. It's barely even a 3rd of a book that has been stretched to a full book. The stretching part is incredibly boring, not to mention a bit silly.
T. Cooper
T. Cooper Reply to on 5 March 2018
This book was infuriating. A lot of the good stuff that could have been written about, happened off the page.

That said, even with fun stuff happening off-page, the story wasn’t really progressed AT ALL in this book. It seems as though the author thought “I can probably turn this from a 4-book series into a 5-book series”. So he set about writing this piece of nonsense to drag the storyline out further without actually getting anything done.

Sure Kip grows a bit as a character, but as I said, we don’t SEE that happening as it’s mostly off page.

The time frame is elongated with events occurring over the course of a year, far longer than the previous books I think. And as before, the writing is at times convoluted and difficult to follow. A whole book spent with Gav in a prison?! Utter craziness.

The book (hopefully) will set up things nicely for the final entry in the series. Which is all this book has been, a set-up for the final piece.

If you’ve read the broken eye and are thinking about getting this, I recommend holding off until the 5th book is released, then getting both at the same time. At least you’ll save some money, and the set up will lead nicely into the finale.
Sarah Fletcher
Sarah Fletcher Reply to on 25 November 2016
Im a total book worm over a dozen genres, I'll even admit to reading some young adults novels, but I felt I needed to say that the genius of this set of books makes me want to start reading them all over again, I both read and listened to these books depending on my day and have loved every word, this author has a talent in making characters come to life but in a way that still leaves space for them to surprise you, without giving any spoilers I haven't read a series of books in years that had you so convinced of a characters "character" only to find out how very wrong you were.. this mostly due to the sheer quantity and not always quality of books I've read I'm very had to surprise and fool, in my honest opinion the comes close to an older set of books my dad loves and in turn I fell in love with by an author called David Eddings, and the first in a long series call the me that comparison is a great honour, and I hope Brent Weeks would understand if he had the time to read my review (which I'm sure he doesn't, as I'm desperately hoping book 5 is being furiously written as I type) any you will enjoy this if you have a love of fantasy, intrigue and puzzles 😊
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 26 July 2018
I have recently stumbled across these books, enjoyed book 1-3 hoping book 4 will be just as good, unfortunately I was very disappointed this book is very poorly constructed with time jumps and gaps it the story leaving you to wonder if you missed a chapter, there is a time when the author should finish the series instead of publishing quantity rather than quality, also 12% of the book is purely notes for some bizarre reason, I will definitely read book 5 and hope the author surprises me with same writing style I've seen in books 1-3, enjoy
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 27 February 2017
First couple chapters I thought maybe Brent Weeks had lost his touch.
I still love his work.
I thought this was supposed to be the last book, maybe book five will be the finale.
Not that I want the story to end.
There were some actually surprising twists in this.
Mr. Lee Kayne
Mr. Lee Kayne Reply to on 26 November 2016
Brent Weeks is in my view a master! The depth of each and every character in every book I have read is simply breathtaking. The only problem I have with Mr Weeks writing is that I can't wait to read his next book .... then I can't put the book down .... and then It ends too soon. The blood mirror is another roller coaster.... a twisting plot line where full polychrome characters rise and fall .... secrets are revealed and life's hard choices are laid bare. Mr Weeks get writing .... the end of the lightbringer series is near .... but I'm going to have to wait till the next book to see how it all ends.
James Britton
James Britton Reply to on 19 December 2016
I think im just losing intrest in the characters kips whinney attitude is starting to annoy me sometimes a hero then berates himself for being a hero its becoming annoying. I want to know more about the magic and the mystery behind these demonic creatures and black luxin/white luxin. I get snippets from the books but no definitive answers its frustrating to read i think its close to being perfect but just needs to give more secrets to keep me entertained. Brent weeks wrighting style is starting to seem similar to robert jordan WOT.
DAVID BURROWS Reply to on 26 June 2017
Good read, but quite sow. Excellent writing and characterisation. Well worth a read but I felt his previous series was better,
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