Videolink Customer reviews 5 Star Indigo Noticeboard Cork with Pine Frame W 900 x H 600mm:Videolink
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Customer reviews 5 Star Indigo Noticeboard Cork with Pine Frame W 900 x H 600mm:Videolink

5 Star
5 Star Published in October 23, 2018, 6:08 am
Customer reviews 5 Star Indigo Noticeboard Cork with Pine Frame W 900 x H 600mm:Videolink

Customer reviews 5 Star Indigo Noticeboard Cork with Pine Frame W 900 x H 600mm:Videolink

Price:£7.78+ Free shipping

sim Reply to on 12 September 2017
Incredibly thin. So thin that however short your pins they will go right through it and mark the wall on the other side.

Literally just a piece of cardboard with a thin cork surface.

Not sure why all other cork boards are so expensive but I know why this one is so cheap.
Fair_enough Reply to on 14 February 2017
Item took more than a week to arrive, even though I have Amazon Prime (next day delivery). It seemed from the tracking as though the courier held on to it for several days... It would have been much much quicker, and easier, to buy a pinboard from a store. Also, the cork panel is not attached to the wooden frame all the way around - I need to mend it / build it, with some small nails... What a piece of rubbish! We are finally using it, unhappily, and are planning to mend it. It is one of those situations where going to a store and choosing a robust pinboard would have been quicker, easier and much more satisfactory.
R. V. Harris
R. V. Harris Reply to on 2 August 2015
The old adage "You get what you paid for" barely applies here, sometimes you don't even get that. It is so light and flimsy that it bows and is not flat. Hanging it looks horrible, I ended up screwing it to the wall with one screw per side. The cork board is in fact better described as cork veneered cardboard and even the cardboard is only of packing case quality. The frame is flimsy, unfinished and to me it looks like the cheapest of white woods rather than genuine pine but I'm no timber expert. I have doubts as to the longevity of the thin cork/rubbish cardboard combination. I wish I'd spent a bit more and got something more substantial.
tony Reply to on 20 November 2017
The reason for the one star is that it arrived on time.the other 4 stars are missing because this is a piece of crap and should never ever be bought...from the flimzy frame to the carboard backing and the ultra thin cork that it seems to be spayed up against..its the worst item i have ever bought on amazon site.Do not buy
P. F. White
P. F. White Reply to on 25 October 2017
Poor quality, 1mm thick cork surface with corrugated cardboard backing. I know this because there was a gap between cork and frame. Frame not square, doesn't hang flat against wall. Mitre joints coming apart. Piece missing from frame where a black knot has fallen out. I wanted it for a one-off display but i doubt it would stand up to repeated use.
BNH Reply to on 24 July 2017
So this cork board is basically a tiny thin sheet of cork, with a tiny sheet of cardboard behind it. Which means that if you pin anything to it, not only will the pin not stay in, but if you hang it up, the pins will go into the wall behind it. I had to take all the packaging it came in, and stick that to the back of the board. Its a shocking waste of money and now I need to buy an actual cork board that is fit for purpose
IR Reply to on 16 May 2017
Flimsy, cork board doesn't sit in frame well, moves around as it's too thin. Also means the pins go through & poke out of the back. If you press a little too firmly, it dents the cork board. It is cheap at £7, but the original price shouldn't state £35!! This is misleading, you would expect much better for an item worth £35.
Big Cheese
Big Cheese Reply to on 20 February 2016
I'm glad I didn't pay full price for this. The ~£9.50 I paid is about right. The 22 quid RRP is way over-priced. There is no backing so it's cork on both sides, and it's quite thin too. It comes with 6 pins, which go right through to the other side of the cork if you're not careful. The 'fixing kit' that it comes with is just a pair of screw-in metal loops (a few millimetres in size) that you have to screw by hand directly in to the wood. It's soft pine, so it's not too tricky, but some people might struggle. And you need to supply your own nails or hooks to hang the loops over. All that having been said, it essentially does the job of being a notice-board, so it's not too bad, but I wouldn't say any more than that.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 7 June 2017
mine arrived with a crack - the frame is thin and feels really cheap and the cork has a cardboard backing which feels like it's going to come out of the frame if pushed, the cork is mounted to a cardboard backing only - can't be bothered to send back because of its size - will make one myself I think as I wanted/expected something a bit nicer - sorry to moan!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 22 June 2017
Not happy with this as I had to spend basically the same amount I bought it for to get the frame fixed and stabilise the board(not that its expensive but it's a bit of a waste...). It has no back and comes out of the frame if you want to hang it horizontally. Otherwise it's a simple thin cork plate. Don't recommend this item if you want to hang it up and put things on it, sorry:(
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